Our Commitment

Why Sweet Ass Seats?

Sweet Ass Seats is the go-to destination for custom seats! Our Sweet Ass Seats team is constantly adding to and updating our inventory to ensure customers have the latest and best products available. We offer outstanding online customer service and the very best seat shopping experience in the world.  

Sweet Ass Seats’ Mission

Our mission at Sweet Ass Seats is to preserve our family traditions, earn your trust, and create a worldwide company that specializes in one thing ... Seats! We want our customers to count on us to deliver seats faster and better than anyone has ever done before. We’ll always use the latest technology to offer the best service with the most knowledgeable, friendly staff in the business. Our goal is to insure the growth of the custom seat industry by connecting with our family of customers and sharing our experiences and sweet seats with everyone we meet. 

We Provide:

  • Dedicated and trained customer support 
  • Quick e-mail responses 
  • Competitive prices - you can feel secure knowing Sweet Ass Seats has the best prices 
  • One-stop shopping for all your seat needs 
  • Expedited shipping options